The interest was great, and the stand was well attended when TGIE introduced Swestep’s technology at the trade show in the end of September. ”As Swestep’s unique patented recycling technology is sustainable, profitable and CO2 neutral we had visitors not only from the waste management and energy sectors but also municipalities”.Says Bob Huang – CEO

The Earth Overshoot Day marks the date on which humanity’s resource consumption for the year exceeds earth’s capacity to regenerate those resources that year. This year it was the 22. August 2020 for our whole world. We currently use 60% more resources from our planet than what can be renewed – or as much as if we would live

The SEAL OF EXCELLENCE Certificate is delivered to Swestep by the European Commission. The evaluation is done by an international panel of independent experts and Swestep scored as a high-quality project proposal in a highly competitive evaluation process*. This means passing all stringent Horizon 2020 assessment thresholds for the 3 award criteria (excellence, impact, quality

It is obvious how vulnerable our society is when we today can see the lack of materials and resources that arise in the wake of closed borders. A profound social change is underway in the quiet and we are realizing that our high-tech civilization is not as invulnerable as many policymakers and planners have stated,

  Swestep acquires new patents that will revolutionize production of fossil-free fuels Swestep announces that they have acquired four patents for technology that will revolutionize the production of fossil-free fuels. These four patents enables a more efficient production of renewable fuels from waste from paper and biomass and other organic waste including plastics, using Swestep’s

Plastic is Fantastic… If made Circular and Sustainable with clear rules, laws and requirements about where/how it must be recycled Today, most of all plastic waste goes to incineration and only a minor part is mechanically recycled. In addition, mechanical material recycling gives plastics a lower quality than the original. Therefore, it is important to

The Top 25 most innovative start-ups are announced! The 9th Edition of the Nordic Cleantech Open has broken a new record: it was 140 applications coming from all corners of the Nordics and the Baltics, and now the Top 25 most innovative, promising and ready-to-scale companies have been announced. We are pleased and proud to

Plastic in our environment and food Microplastics come from many sources: synthetic clothing fibres, dust from tyres, road paints, and the breakdown of larger items. Orb Media’s recent investigation has brought the issue of microplastics in the environment into sharp focus. The analysis of tap water samples from around the world found that a high

©Jambeck et al. Science Plastic pollution is not only a waste challenge, but a production, consumption and handling issue which must be tackled upstream where plastic is produced and consumed. In contrast to other trash, plastic can float around for decades. In addition to being harmful to terrestrial and aquatic life, plastics can absorb toxins and

Swestep is invited to talk about our CC (Catalytic Conversion Process) recycling technology on October 24 in Lund. The Advanced Materials Day will be an event focusing entirely on innovative and sustainable materials for international investors as well as local materials professionals from industry and academia. Lund is quickly becoming an interesting hub for materials

Focusing on cutting emissions alone won’t halt ecological decline, we must consume less – former UK chief environmental adviser. If we continue on our current trajectory, then by 2050 the amount of waste we produce, in all its forms, is likely to be three to four times what we produce now. We need policies that

MAKE PLASTIC WASTE USEFUL – Plastic could be Fantastic – If made Circular and Sustainable with clear rules, laws and requirements  about where and how it must be recycled – The industry and decision makers have to rethink how their value plastic and polymeric products and see it as a circular material. The responsibility for producing,

Positive results on initial tests on green aviation fuel – Opens up for a cost-effective large-scale production SWESTEP has successfully completed early tests to convert organic waste into non-fossil, green renewable diesel and aviation fuel. The process, which is patented, means that the production cost per liter of green fuel is very attractive. SWESTEP offers

SWESTEP and CLIMATE KIC are now on the OID Tour in India – ”The Open Innovation Day” The Government of India has launched a bold, the Smart Cities Mission Initiative.The program aims to establish frameworks that can be replicated both within and outside the Smart Cities Mission alliance, catalysing the creation of similar smart cities in various

SWESTEP has signed an agent agreement with ECOSWECOL to represent SWESTEP in Colombia. – The Columbian market is interesting from a regional perspective on the South American continent. says Karl Magnus Mattsson CEO, and continues, – There is an urgent need to tackle the waste problems in Colombia, and ECOSWECOL sees SWESTEP’s solution as both

  SWESTEP was invited to VESTFORBRÆNDING in Copenhagen to talk about plastic waste SWESTEP see plastic waste as a valuable feedstock that can be processed into sustainable fuels and energy, or also as a chemical raw materials to refine into performing chemicals for the fossil-dependent industry.   CEO Karl Magnus Mattsson’s speech on how SWESTEP’s

Boråsaren gör olja med miljövänlig unik teknik Sopor, plast och avfall kan bli olja. Karl-Magnus Mattsson beskriver det som jordens egen naturliga process, men istället för att vänta över 130 miljoner år på ett resultat, så tar det med hjälp av deras teknik endast några minuter. Boråsaren Karl-Magnus Mattsson är vd för Swestep, ett företag

               – Bransch Aktuellt No4 2018 Swestep AB har ingått i avtal med Green Fund Finance AB (GFF) med syfte att finansiera byggandet och utvecklingen av Swestep-anläggningar. – Det finns ett stort intresse för vår unika teknik för att förvandla plast och organiskt avfall till en grön förnybar olja som

Barsler med anlæg til 100 millioner kroner Nu er der sat navn på den virksomhed, der sammen med svenske Swestep vil etablere et genanvendelsesanlæg i København Ressource- og miljøvirksomheden Reconor har indgået en aftale med svenske Swestep, hvor de sammen undersøger mulighederne for at etablere et Swestep 1000-anlæg i København, der skal genanvende blandt andet

SWESTEP signs a 13,5 M EUR intentional agreement with RECONOR in Denmark SWESTEP AB has entered into an agreement with RECONOR A/S to investigate the possibilities for set up a SWESTEP-1000 plant in the Copenhagen area in spring 2020. The total value of a possible transaction amounts to 13.5 million EUR.   ”That RECONOR has

SWESTEP is now ready for roll out of SWESTEP Plant’s – ”The Next Generation Process Technology for Sustainable Recycling Production” – The proven technology creates a market potential for sustainable production that is independent from traditional fossil energy forms. It is a capital-efficient and a profitable solution that creates viable conditions and opportunities for both small-scale and