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“Synthetic fuels have become an important way of reaching carbon neutral utilization of hydrocarbon-based fuels for combustion engines”.

In order to create viable conditions for sustainable climate transition to a true fossils independent society we must be realistic from both an economic and environmental perspective.

Time and high costs for infrastructure changes, complex purchasing models throughout the transport sector and last but not least, a clear agenda must be drawn up on how to handle and recycle all types of no longer desirable means of transport.

All alternatives regarding fuels and engines must be considered before making a decision on what to prioritize and support by decision-makers.

Choice of route is of utmost importance if we are to manage an sustainable transition to a fossil-independent transport sector.

Swestep’s CC Process (Catalytic Conversion Process // Feedstock Recycling and Energy Recovery) is a sustainable solution for the production of renewable synthetic aviation fuels.

SWESTEP’s end products are renewable synthetic fuels, (For the entire transport sector – Air, Land and Sea) 
A synthetic raw oil that can be refined into performance chemicals as a fossil-free alternative to the entire Petrochemical industry sector.
Swestep offers a ” Sustainable Game Changer” where we can stop depleting our earth’s resources and turn waste into assets with high value.

#Swestep – Next Generation Recycling Technology

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SWESTEP was invited by Scandinavian Partner LaB, on participating on a workshop on the  EU project INTERREG Öresund, Kattegat, Skagerrak.

It turned out be an good, constructive and fruitful day with both new contacts and projects to follow up on.

Host of the event where for the event was SCANDINAVIAN PARTNER LAB is under  the umbrella of INTERREG – Öresund, Kattegat, Skagerrak and the European Regional Development Fund.

On the picture from the left; JP Morgan Friberg Creative Director – New Business SWESTEP, Ole Langeland Pedersen – Consult and advisor INTERREG ÖKS / EU


Link to more information about Scandinavian Partner LaB – Click here

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€6.3 billion in coal subsides undermine innovation needed for energy transition

Ten countries, responsible for 84 per cent of EU energy emissions hand over at least €6.3 billion in subsidies to coal every year, despite repeated promises to phase-out the fuel and transition to clean energy, finds UK thinktank Overseas Development Institute (ODI).

The ODI report, Cutting Europe’s Lifelines to Coal, suggests that Germany, the most transparent in subsidies data, accounts for almost half of the total subsidies looked at, including handing over €2bn in subsidies to coal mining. Italy, the Netherlands, France and Greece have between just two and four subsidies, meaning there is significant potential for them to be coal subsidy-free. Others, including the UK, scored poorly on transparency of coal subsidy reporting.

Head of the Climate and Energy Program at ODI, Shelagh Whitley, spoke to Daily Planet about how such practice is undermining renewables investment and innovation in managing energy demand.


Read full article from DAILY PLANET here

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