fredag, 02 december 2016 / Published in LATEST NEWS

Environment and Energy Fund Denmark – Support validation of Swestep’s process

Copenhagen politicians, just over three years ago, adopted a plan to start kick the recycling of the capital’s waste and limit the incineration. The plan meant that 45 per cent of household waste would be recycled in 2018, against 27 per cent in 2010. According to an evaluation made by the municipal officials January 2016, the goal could be achieved if one could find suitable technology that could produce renewable fuel/gas and fertilizers of food residues and other household waste.

The municipality of Copenhagen is interested in testing the SWESTEP patented Catalytic Pressureless Depolymerization (CDP) Process, which is a ”Liquefaction Technology”. SWESTEP’s technology can offer sustainable renewable fuel production by converting all forms of organic residues and non-fossil fuels, liquid and late-term feedstock to new materials, such as synthesis chemicals, oils and polymers.

The purpose of this project is to validate results from SWESTEP’s technology. The goal is a more cost-effective, climate-friendly and sustainable way of using plastic waste for the production of renewable fuels.

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