Karl Magnus Mattsson - Founder and CEO

From 2005 and onwards I have grown increasingly concerned about the climate and our environment globally. Since 2009 I have been involved with new innovations for a sustainable society.

With a vision to make a difference, in 2012 I founded STG - Sustainable Technology Group AB and a few years later a daughter company named SWESTEP AB. 

The main reason as to why I got involved with climate change and the issues that surrounds the problem, including the corruption behind much of it, was because during my travels working in the textile industry I have seen many poor women and orphaned children being abused and taken advantage of.

I have realised that there is a big need for further sustainable development in the world and for us to turn into a renewable and sustainable society. I have also come to realise just how little politicians have been/are able to achieve as far as change for the better.

In 2017 I was invited to speak at the World Philosophic Forum about the global waste problems, including the plastic oceans and climate change in general. After the speech I was invited to be in charge of WPF (UNESCO) in Scandinavia and for USE. I was also elected to the World Ecological Foundation, which is targeted to be started in the autumn of 2019.

We can with our Swestep technology clean Land, Sea and Air and convert organic waste to sustainable green solutions, good for everyone including the third world where every country will be able to produce its own energy out of the waste in a smart and climate friendly way.

My wish and vision is to find people; artists, industrialist, politicians and all kinds of different influencers, who share my vision and who have the same drive and want to do something good for the Global environment and thereby for the coming generations. 

I often discuss these issues with friends, decision makers and politicians, but also with my grandchildren from whom I get great inspiration and guidance as their minds are still pure and un spoiled and therefore their reactions and thoughts are clear and sincere.

Here are the steps that guides our work

  • Attitude - Think about how you live today and what can you change.
  • Awareness - Be aware of how you act and live today.
  • Conscience - Feel what is right and what is wrong and act accordingly.
  • Ambitions: Use your ambition and act.
  • Responsibility - Show how you want to live, lead by example and others will take after / follow.
  • New attitude - By following these steps you will change your attitude and that of others, there is a great power in this and it will start a positive trend. Don’t talk, act. Don’t talk act.


Karl-Magnus Mattsson

Founder & CEO – Board Member

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Chairman of the Board

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Variations of transport fuel for transportation on land, air and sea; renewable fuels, lubricants, oil and additives for industry and heating oil for homes, offices and more.


Ability to extract valuable raw
materials and chemicals from
the liquid to produce renewable
raw materials and circular products.


Endless options for the petrochemical
industry to refine Swestep's crude oil
into performance chemicals, which may
become the solution for many fossil-
dependent companies to "close the loop"


SWESTEP’s business model is built on, in a responsible manner, develop, manufacture and sell SWESTEP Plants.

Each plant is built with the objective of providing a viable
and sustainable alternative in order to over time eliminate
the current fossil dependence.

The core business – Sales of SWESTEP Plants.
Each SWESTEP Plant is fully integrated to Swestep's SCADA system, a secure cloud connected process, report, track and control system.

Revenue is primarily generated
through the following sources:

  • Sales of SWESTEP Plants
  • Maintenance
  • Service agreements
  • Licensing of IP rights
  • Tests and feasibility studies
  • Workshops and seminars


The demand for renewable fuels and sustainable liquids used to produce circular and climate friendly products is global.

Since the Industrial revolution, production of greenhouse gases and toxic chemicals have escalated tremendously, which has resulted in an urgent need to replace fossil fuels with alternative, renewable energy sources.

The UN and the EU have created clear directives to encourage the utilisation of renewable fuels.

The SWESTEP technology delivers a capital-efficient and profitable solution that produce renewable fuels, sustainable liquids and raw material alternatives.

Residues from the forest (Biomass) and municipal waste (MSW) are accessible globally and more than sufficient to replace fossil dependence.

In the future, conversion of organic waste and plastics to all kind of renewables (closing the loop) will, alongside energy solutions from water, solar and wind, be a largely sought-after commodity.





Fuel – Energy – Assembling Oil – Water
Waste-to-profit Conversion Services

New Products, Materials, Liquids
and Energy for;

– Airports and its immediate surroundings
– Aviation Industry
– Airplane Recycling
– Distribution – Logistics – Packaging


Fuel – Energy – Heating Oil – Water
Waste-to-profit Conversion Services

New Products, Materials, Liquids
and Energy for;

– Agriculture
– Municipalities
– Industry (Textile, Plastic, Cosmetic etc.)


Fuel – Energy – Machine Oil – Water
Waste-to-profit Conversion Services

New Products, Materials, Liquids
and Energy for;

– Ports and its immediate surroundings
– Shipping Industry
– Ship Recycling
– Distribution – Logistics – Packaging