Offer all Fossil Dependent Industries a Viable Financial and Sustainable Solution, by making it Possible to
Recycle All Organic Waste, including Plastics, into Renewable Fuels, Liquids . and Oils


A SWESTEP Plant is a Turnkey Facility Solution which
encourages fossil independence by using all kind of
Organic Waste, including Plastics, as Feedstock

Our breakthrough technology offers an economically viable and climate-friendly alternative to reduce the world’s fossil dependence. The sustainable solution supports any mix of organic (non-metal, non-soil, non-inert) feedstock, creating new opportunities for recycling and waste management companies, to produce new green raw material and renewable fuels for various business segments in different geographic locations.

Each SWESTEP Plant can process/recycle biomass, organic waste, incl. plastics,  in all forms into sustainable renewable fuel, liquids, new green raw materials for different industries, especially those with high fossil dependence seeking alternative solutions.

The patented cutting edge Catalytic Conversion (CC) process is a stepping stone to the Circular Economy, supporting the society to close the loop of a material life cycle and in the CO2 Neutral Economy reduce emissions dramatically throughout the entire transport sector.


• No Tradeoff – No uses of agricultural residues as feedstock, no competing with input for food supply.
Storability – End products (fuel, liquids and energy) are easily storable.
Local Feedstock – Convenient accessibility and availability of feedstock locally.
Flexibility – Selected end product produced can be adapted to the needs of the market and price over time.
Scalability – Modular output of production capable for both small-scale and large-scale installations.
Mobility –Small mobile plant, (prod. 100 liter/H), that is easily moved.
Efficient Conversion – Approximately 85% of the hydrocarbon feedstock to renewable fuels and sustainable liquids/raw oils.
           Example 1.  2 to 3 kg household waste = 1L renewable diesel.
           Example 2.  3 kg Biomass/Agricultural residues = 1L renewable diesel.
Clean Production – No combustion is involved, a SWESTEP plant have no chimneys, and the process operates at a low pressure and temperature resulting in no emissions of carcinogenic substances.


SWESTEP's Proven Technology is Capable of Converting Waste from Municipalities, Forestry, Industries, Ports and Agriculture into Renewable Fuels/Oils for the Transport and energy Sector, as well as Valuable New Virgin Oils for Fossil Dependent Industries to produce Sustainable Liquids and Performance Chemicals for production of Green Textile Fibers and Polymers that can help closing the loop for both Plastic Products and the Fashion Industry.


Obtain a preliminary calculation estimate of value for your organic waste and residue assets using our value calculator.