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Environment and Energy Fund Denmark – Support validation of Swestep’s process

Copenhagen politicians, just over three years ago, adopted a plan to start kick the recycling of the capital’s waste and limit the incineration. The plan meant that 45 per cent of household waste would be recycled in 2018, against 27 per cent in 2010. According to an evaluation made by the municipal officials January 2016, the goal could be achieved if one could find suitable technology that could produce renewable fuel/gas and fertilizers of food residues and other household waste.

The municipality of Copenhagen is interested in testing the SWESTEP patented Catalytic Pressureless Depolymerization (CDP) Process, which is a ”Liquefaction Technology”. SWESTEP’s technology can offer sustainable renewable fuel production by converting all forms of organic residues and non-fossil fuels, liquid and late-term feedstock to new materials, such as synthesis chemicals, oils and polymers.

The purpose of this project is to validate results from SWESTEP’s technology. The goal is a more cost-effective, climate-friendly and sustainable way of using plastic waste for the production of renewable fuels.

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First emissions mechanism established for aviation

Carbon emissions from aviation are growing faster than any other sector. In an effort to address the problem, the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) approved the world’s first global emissions reduction scheme last month.

The Carbon Offset and Reduction Scheme for International Aviation (CORSIA) is a market-based mechanism in which carbon emissions are offset through the purchase of credits, leaving aviation emissions to remain – at least on paper – at 2020 levels.
Will the new aviation deal save forests?

Aviation currently accounts for just 2 per cent of total carbon dioxide emissions globally, about half of which is from international aviation. However, without effective measures, aviation could account for about 22 per cent of all emissions by 2050, according to projections from Greenovation Hub, an environmental non-governmental organisation.

The aviation sector is growing rapidly, particularly in the Asia-Pacific region. The International Air Transport Association (IATA) predict that the number of airline passengers will more than double by 2034 to 7.3 billion, up from 3.5 billion in 2015. China will account for a significant proportion of the growth in passenger numbers. IATA expect that 20 per cent of passengers will be travelling to, from or within China by 2034.

China is also predicted to overtake the US as the world’s largest aviation market for passengers by 2024. Passenger numbers are expected to double from current levels to over 900 million by 2025 and to 1.3 billion by 2035. The US market, in comparison, is expected to increase from just over 650 million passengers in 2015 to 900 million passengers.

Read the full story from the ECO-News here

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Meeting with Kalogeris Nikolaos, Deputy Head Planning & Environment Region of Crete and Vice Governor Apostolos Voulgarakis of Chania, Crete, Greece.

Region Crete is positive and hope to make Crete to one of the worlds  greenest Island . Mr. Kalogeris Nikolaosand and Swestep GR discussed to start a feasibility study using all agricultural residues and make trash to cash, and create new Jobs and Industries in Crete.

In the picture from left; Kalogeris Nikolaos, Deputy Head Planning & Environment Region of Crete. George Kinigalakis Dir. SWESTEP-SEA. Karl-Magnus Mattsson CEO and founder SWESTEP and Elen Papadopolous Dir. SWESTEP- GR.

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SWESTEP in negotiations at the office of DEDISA in Chania, Crete, Greece for the intention agreement of establishing a SWESTEP plant in Chania.

In pictured from Left; George Kinigalakis Dir. SWESTEP-SEA , Kostas E Paterakis Manager  DEDISA SA, Koutrakis Emm. Ioannis Vice president DEDISA SA, Kontaxakis Michail Manager, Christina Tsamoutsoglou Engineer DEDISA SA, Karl-Magnus Mattsson CEO and  Founder SWESTEP /STG AND Eleni Papadopolous Director SWESTEP GR


DEDISA – Is a company working as a Intermunicipal Enterprise Solid Waste Management on the island of Crete


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Meeting with Per Boesgaard from the Environmental Department of City of Copenhagen, Hanne Risberg Sørensen and Anders Handlos Grauslund – from REnescience/DONG and Martin Porsgaard and Robert Arendal NISA. (Nordic Initiative for Sustainable Aviation)

The day was divided in two parts: A round tour on location at a pilot REnescience plant and meeting at the office of municipality of Copenhagen.

The dialog around the table was on handling/recycling municipal waste with focus on the plastic residues. Also, discussions were conducted on where a SWESTEP plant could be located, and the meeting led to the conclusions to also include the Airport in Kastrup as part of the project group. A feasibility study starts in the end of this summer to produce a proof of concept on recycling/process plastic and municipal residues to green jet fuel for the aviation industry.


In the picture from left; Martin Porsgaard – Director of NISA, Hanne Risberg Sørensen – Head of REnescience/DONG, Karl Magnus Mattsson CEO and founder of SWESTEP, Anders Handlos Grauslund – Team Leader REnescience/DONG, Robert Arendal – Board Director at NISA and Goodwill Ambassador for the city of Copenhage

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Meeting with Industrialist Jonas Sokas, Managing Director – SOKO in Vilnius, Lithuania

Constructive dialogue with Jonas Sokas for the possibilities of an establishment of SWESTEP on the Baltic market. There are many interesting customers both in terms of suppliers of input materials as well as customers for the finished end-products, fuel and liquids.

SWESTEP welcomes a partnership with the team that Jonas put together for the Baltic market.


In the picture; Industrialist Jonas Sokas

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Initial meeting with Martin Porsgaard and Robert Arendal

Constructive dialogue on the needs of new sustainable jet fuels for the aviation industry as well as waste management for airports, – discussing the needs and demands for efficient handling and recycling of waste.

In the picture from left; Robert Arendal – Honorary Board Member at NISA and Goodwill Ambassador for the city of Copenhagen, Martin Porsgaard – Project Manager of NISA and Karl Magnus Mattsson CEO and founder of SWESTEP.

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Meeting with David Dege/ Business Steering Manager and Ching-Wen Cheng/ Sustainability Developer from IKEA Transport & Services in Dortmund, Germany.

Interesting dialogue leading in to the possibilities in producing non fossil fuel by recycling IKEA waste and residues.

There are many interesting alternatives both in terms of input materials as well as location for a SWESTEP plant and distribution logistics for the finished end product.

SWESTEP have great hope and are waiting for the next step in the feasibility study.


In the picture from left; David Dege, Business Steering Manager, IKEA Transport & Services Central europé and Karl Magnus Mattsson, CEO and founder SWESTEP