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Meeting with Per Boesgaard from the Environmental Department of City of Copenhagen, Hanne Risberg Sørensen and Anders Handlos Grauslund – from REnescience/DONG and Martin Porsgaard and Robert Arendal NISA. (Nordic Initiative for Sustainable Aviation)

The day was divided in two parts: A round tour on location at a pilot REnescience plant and meeting at the office of municipality of Copenhagen.

The dialog around the table was on handling/recycling municipal waste with focus on the plastic residues. Also, discussions were conducted on where a SWESTEP plant could be located, and the meeting led to the conclusions to also include the Airport in Kastrup as part of the project group. A feasibility study starts in the end of this summer to produce a proof of concept on recycling/process plastic and municipal residues to green jet fuel for the aviation industry.


In the picture from left; Martin Porsgaard – Director of NISA, Hanne Risberg Sørensen – Head of REnescience/DONG, Karl Magnus Mattsson CEO and founder of SWESTEP, Anders Handlos Grauslund – Team Leader REnescience/DONG, Robert Arendal – Board Director at NISA and Goodwill Ambassador for the city of Copenhage

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Meeting with Industrialist Jonas Sokas, Managing Director – SOKO in Vilnius, Lithuania

Constructive dialogue with Jonas Sokas for the possibilities of an establishment of SWESTEP on the Baltic market. There are many interesting customers both in terms of suppliers of input materials as well as customers for the finished end-products, fuel and liquids.

SWESTEP welcomes a partnership with the team that Jonas put together for the Baltic market.


In the picture; Industrialist Jonas Sokas

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Executive Chairman ZHANG Yi Visits KTH Royal Institute of Technology of Sweden


On January 21st, 2016, Executive Chairman ZHANG Yi paid a visit to KTH Royal Institute of Technology of Sweden in the company of Ms. Vanessa Folkesson, Head of Nordic Team of EUCNC. Mr. ZHANG Yi has conferred with the heads of several sci-tech startups of great significance that originate from KTH as for the feasible cooperation. The concerned parties have reached the consensus on the joint efforts of promoting the sci-tech cooperation between China and Nordic countries.

Mr. ZHANG Yi firstly exchanged the views with Mr. Karl Magnus Mattsson, Founder and CEO of SWESTEP, Mr. Peter Peschl, COO of SWESTEP and Mr. Klas Engvall, Professor of KTH as for the green technology cooperation.

Mr. ZHANG Yi and Mr. Karl Magnus Mattsson (Left Two), Mr. Peter Peschl (Left One), Mr. Klas Engvall (Right)

At the meetings, Mr. ZHANG Yi made the detailed presentation on the commercial opportunities that sprouted out of current situations of China, namely economic transformation and industrial upgrading. He remarked, EUCNC put the sci-tech innovation cooperation on the top priority and set the work under the guidance of “European Technology, Chinese Market, Win-Win Cooperation”. In the meanwhile, EUCNC has reached the consensus with several Chinese cities as for the sci-tech cooperation with a view to substantiating China-Europe Urbanization Partnership with the tangible projects.

Scientists and engineers of KTH indicated their ready willingness of making their contribution to Sino-European people through the concrete sci-tech projects by virtue of the platform of EUCNC.
Mr. ZHANG Yi offered the invitation to the scientists and engineers to visit China in due time. EUCNC would set the stage for these sci-tech companies on which they could present themselves to the full, which would bring forth the possibility as for the future cooperation. Scientists and engineers of KTH were quite looking forward to the related arrangements and expressed their willingness of facilitating the in-depth cooperation between KTH and EUCNC.




Source : EUCNC

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Initial meeting with Martin Porsgaard and Robert Arendal

Constructive dialogue on the needs of new sustainable jet fuels for the aviation industry as well as waste management for airports, – discussing the needs and demands for efficient handling and recycling of waste.

In the picture from left; Robert Arendal – Honorary Board Member at NISA and Goodwill Ambassador for the city of Copenhagen, Martin Porsgaard – Project Manager of NISA and Karl Magnus Mattsson CEO and founder of SWESTEP.

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After a successful day showing the new/latest plant in Slovenia together with people from NorrSkog, IKEA, Vrana Säteri and Eco Fuel, we walked up to the historic castle for dinner over viewing the beautiful city of Ljubljana.

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Meeting with David Dege/ Business Steering Manager and Ching-Wen Cheng/ Sustainability Developer from IKEA Transport & Services in Dortmund, Germany.

Interesting dialogue leading in to the possibilities in producing non fossil fuel by recycling IKEA waste and residues.

There are many interesting alternatives both in terms of input materials as well as location for a SWESTEP plant and distribution logistics for the finished end product.

SWESTEP have great hope and are waiting for the next step in the feasibility study.


In the picture from left; David Dege, Business Steering Manager, IKEA Transport & Services Central europé and Karl Magnus Mattsson, CEO and founder SWESTEP

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SWESTEP in negotiations at the Swedish Embassy in Dhaka, Bangladesh on a number of facilities in both south and northern Bangladesh.

In pictured is; Dr. Nasir Khan with consulting firm in London and Dhaka – Specialist in climate o environment. Dr. and Prof. Moyeen owners of large textile industry in Bangladesh. Swedish Ambassador Johan Frisell, SWESTEP’s CEO Karl-Magnus Mattsson. Swedish Handelsattachén Mia Hall as well as the consultant Robin Rabbani.

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The Seminar with focus on the CPD technology was held at KTH in Stockholm Sweden. It was a made jointly with KTH – Royal Institute of Technology and SP – The Swedish Technical Inspection Agency.

It was full and representatives from the LRF, the Swedish Energy Agency, the forest industry, representatives from the County Administrative Board and the various industries and energy companies, to name a few.

The goal of the meeting was to exchange information, discuss and to create a platform for future collaboration and R&D in order
to advance the development and commercialization of the turnkey SWESTEP plants including the CPD technology (Catalytic Pressureless Depolymerisation process).