lördag, 11 juli 2015 / Published in LATEST NEWS

After a successful day showing the new/latest plant in Slovenia together with people from NorrSkog, IKEA, Vrana Säteri and Eco Fuel, we walked up to the historic castle for dinner over viewing the beautiful city of Ljubljana.

onsdag, 14 januari 2015 / Published in LATEST NEWS



Meeting with David Dege/ Business Steering Manager and Ching-Wen Cheng/ Sustainability Developer from IKEA Transport & Services in Dortmund, Germany.

Interesting dialogue leading in to the possibilities in producing non fossil fuel by recycling IKEA waste and residues.

There are many interesting alternatives both in terms of input materials as well as location for a SWESTEP plant and distribution logistics for the finished end product.

SWESTEP have great hope and are waiting for the next step in the feasibility study.


In the picture from left; David Dege, Business Steering Manager, IKEA Transport & Services Central europé and Karl Magnus Mattsson, CEO and founder SWESTEP

måndag, 15 december 2014 / Published in LATEST NEWS

SWESTEP in negotiations at the Swedish Embassy in Dhaka, Bangladesh on a number of facilities in both south and northern Bangladesh.

In pictured is; Dr. Nasir Khan with consulting firm in London and Dhaka – Specialist in climate o environment. Dr. and Prof. Moyeen owners of large textile industry in Bangladesh. Swedish Ambassador Johan Frisell, SWESTEP’s CEO Karl-Magnus Mattsson. Swedish Handelsattachén Mia Hall as well as the consultant Robin Rabbani.

söndag, 09 november 2014 / Published in LATEST NEWS

The Seminar with focus on the CPD technology was held at KTH in Stockholm Sweden. It was a made jointly with KTH – Royal Institute of Technology and SP – The Swedish Technical Inspection Agency.

It was full and representatives from the LRF, the Swedish Energy Agency, the forest industry, representatives from the County Administrative Board and the various industries and energy companies, to name a few.

The goal of the meeting was to exchange information, discuss and to create a platform for future collaboration and R&D in order
to advance the development and commercialization of the turnkey SWESTEP plants including the CPD technology (Catalytic Pressureless Depolymerisation process).