Conference – Nordic Aviation at CPH/Copenhagen



Interesting Conference with focus to make the aviation industry more sustainable.

The goal with the conference is to seek an agreement on tangible ways to promote uptake of sustainable jet fuel in the Nordic countries and possible offer examples for other regions and countries to follow.

The ambition is to involve all stakeholders in the aviation industry and aviation fuel suppliers as well as civil society organisations, national authorities and ministers responsible for energy and/or aviation.

The aviation industry aims to stabilise CO2 emissions at 2020 levels and requiring airlines to offset the growth of their emissions after 2020. One of the measures required is increasing the use of sustainable jet fuel. Development, production and supply of sustainable jet fuel involves many sectors and actors. There is a need to think across both ministries, business models and national borders. Being in forefront of these developments will attract investment, create clean technology solutions and new jobs.

Nordic Energy Research (NER) together with Nordic Initiative for Sustainable Aviation (NISA) will host this conference to promote Nordic leadership in sustain-able jet fuels. Our intention is to consider key recommendations from stakeholders in-order-to explore how various initiatives, policy frameworks can enable increased use of sustainable jet fuel in the aviation sector.


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