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SWESTEP and CLIMATE KIC are now on the OID Tour in India – ”The Open Innovation Day”

The Government of India has launched a bold, the Smart Cities Mission Initiative.The program aims to establish frameworks that can be replicated both within and outside the Smart Cities Mission alliance, catalysing the creation of similar smart cities in various regions and parts of the country.

In order to provide concrete solutions to this problem, Climate KIC together with partners tasked by Nordic Innovation to identify innovative solutions though Open Innovation Day (OID).

The Government of India welcomed the concept to utilize “OID” for the purpose of tackling the water and waste challenges of urban sustainability. The Open Innovation Day target the following cities: Mumbai, Panaji, New Delhi, Shimla.

Each of the cities selected, offer specific and unique qualities as an innovation ecosystem. And in the same time each city faces significant environmental challenges – often associated with a metropolis –which again despite having a common theme, vary significantly between settlements.

The Indian Central Government has committed INR 480 billion (equivalent to €6 Billion) in order to finance the mission, a figure that is conditional to equal funding from the state governments.

– “SWESTEP is a waste to energy company among 9 companies that was selected by Climate Kic. We see our Swestep Plants as a natural choice since we offer one solution to two problems, an economically and environmentally viable solution that addresses the waste and water problems at the same time”. Says Karl-Magnus Mattsson, CEO and founder of SWESTEP, and continues. “Our sustainable process technology can effectively recycle all hydrocarbon-based waste, including plastic, into renewable additives and fuels for Air-Land-Sea or a virgin sustainable raw oil to refine into liquids or performance chemicals for the petrochemical industry. Raw materials that can help fossil dependent industries close the loop for future production of textile, cosmetic, medicine and plastic” –.

India is yet to unlock the full growth potential of its urbanisation process, and the existing urban infrastructure is not equipped to accommodate the coming dramatic growth of its cities.

Peter Vangsbo, Nordic Business Developer, EIT Climate Kic, says, – ”Given the scope of this project and scale of environmental challenges within each city, not just in terms of magnitude of the problem but also number of people affected. We consider that the challenges require world-class solutions which OID has the potential to deliver through support from the Climate KiC global presence and networks” –.

– “The first days here in India, on the Open Innovation Day Tour, have been fruitful, inspiring and constructive. We look favorably on the broad interest we get, –. Says Karl-Magnus Mattsson and ends with”. When we see the problems and challenges, we feel a responsibility to act now and deliver an economically and environmentally defensible solution that is viable to everyone and everything” –.



Link to the Open Innovation Day (OID) Initiative




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