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NEWS from – European Biomass Industry Association
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YES, Biomass has an important part in the circular economy, but
we must focus on solutions where we recycle, process and refine
the residues. The agriculture and forestry sector, in fact the food
industry as a whole has an important role to play.

All types of cultivable farmland must eventually be allocated for
sustainable food production. Using this kind of valuable land for
producing raw material/feedstock for energy or new raw materials
for the production of consumer goods is not defensible.

And from a climate perspective, with regard to emissions footprint,
it is a scandal to ship this raw material around the world for production
of renewable energy or fuel production.

In order to achieve a sustainable balance, where we can free ourselves
from the fossil dependence, both viewed from the circular economy and
the CO2 neutral economy, we must act regionally in a responsible way.

The global economy has both its pros and cons, so to offer a viable solution,
it is essential that all steps work regionally/locally: – (1) Raw Materials,
(2) Processing, (3) Production, (4) Consumption/Use.

The ability to combine and mix all types of hydrocarbon based waste, with
biomass as raw material / feedstock, is optimal, and a must in order to meet
market demands and future regulations.

The SWESTEP Plants that can simultaneously handle mix and recycle most
organic waste, including plastics, with biomass.

Add also the flexibility, size and option in regard to: (1) Input Materials,
(2) Production Unit (3) End Products, and you have a product, solution and
company with growth potential that is both viable from an economic and
environmental perspective.


SOURCE & PHOTO – European Biomass Industry Association